The new general crisis of capitalism opens the way to socialism!

martedì 13 gennaio 2009.

Statement of , 19th December 2008


(PNG) Call of (n)PCI to all Communists and all the advanced elements of the popular masses


Let’s dedicate the new year to the second wave of proletarian revolution!

The new general crisis of capitalism opens the way to socialism!

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The new general crisis of capitalism opens the way to socialism!
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After 1789 and French Revolution, there was the Restoration. Nobles and clergy try to re-establish the feudal society. But finally the 1848 came and the bourgeois system definitely prevailed over feudalism!

Because of its nature, capitalism introduced Communism’s conditions in humanity’s history.

As Bismarck told, with its social order the bourgeoisie signed a blank bill and, sooner or later, the workers would have asked to pay it. In fact, in the first half of last century, the Proletarian Revolution began. The first socialist countries were formed, and they came to cover more than one third of earth. Everywhere in the world powerful communist parties managed to organize and mobilize on a large-scale the workers, the other classes of the popular masses, the women and the oppressed peoples against bourgeoisie, clergy and the other ruling classes. They got great successes, ended the colonial system, limited women’s oppression and made advance the humanity in every field. Even where it did not manage to overthrow imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and other ruling classes, anyway the communist movement, managed to set significant restrictions on their freedom of action.

Then, in the latter part of last century, the fate of class’ struggle changed. The communist movement was no more able to carry out its task more ahead. It yielded to the pressure of imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and the other ruling classes. It weakened until the corruption and dissolution of the major communist parties, the decline and finally the collapse of the first socialist countries. The imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes got the upper hand in every field: in politics, economy and culture.

But the upturn of capitalism resolved none of the problems that led the popular masses on the proletarian revolution’s path. On the contrary, the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes, free again from the limits that the communist movement set on their freedom of action, in a few years bogged humanity in the new general crisis, on an even larger scale than the one started at the beginning of the last century. Instead, Communists understood the reasons why they failed to consolidate and broaden the first successes and remedied them. Therefore there have been created the conditions for a new, more general and final wave of proletarian revolution!


The second wave of proletarian revolution is advancing all over the world!

Communist movement’s rebirth will wipe out capitalism and all the effects of its new general crisis from the face of the earth!

We will not pay capitalists’ crisis !

Humanity can produce everything it needs without polluting environment or plundering the planet! The crisis does not requires freedom to pollute planet or to worsen workers and popular masses’ conditions! It requires and obliges to put an end to capitalism!

The new general crisis of capitalism unites the struggle to build socialism and the struggle for humanity’s survival, the fight to end pollution of environment and depredation of the planet, the fight for opening a new era of progress for all peoples in all fields! Imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and the other ruling classes created a situation of emergency: now we need solutions of emergency!


In every country workers and people’s organizations have to unite,
to form emergency governments and take over the leadership of the country,
to assign productive tasks to each company according to a national plan,
to give a socially useful work to every individual,
to organize the distribution of wealth and services to firms and families,
to establish the cooperation with the countries whose authorities will be available to do it!  

This is the only way to escape the crisis of capitalist system, chaos, poverty, crime, war, pollution of environment and depredation of the planet, to which bourgeoisie, clergy and the other ruling classes are driving humanity!


The right and left bourgeoisie are giving inconsistent explanations about origin and nature of the current crisis.

The left bourgeoisie proposes absurd and unattainable solutions. It is only able to propose to the popular masses nothing else than to put pressure on the right bourgeoisie and to protest. When it has the power it monkeys the right bourgeoisie.

The right bourgeoisie proposes and implements measures that exacerbate the crisis and lead the humanity towards a new world war, exasperate the pollution of environment and depredation of the planet, foment the brutalization of a part of humanity and the destruction of the other.


Let’s multiply and strengthen the people and workers’ organizations of every kind and at every level and lead them to join themselves!
Let’s oust Berlusconi government!
Let’s constitute a emergency government formed by workers and people’s organizations, a People’s Block government!


The imperialist bourgeoisie is more and more sinking in crisis, chaos, scandals, productive paralysis and wars. It banks the crisis inflicting to popular masses worst living and working conditions and it takes the liberty to pollute the environment and plunder the planet. It drags along a growing part of world people to ruin. Day after day, the contrasts between the representatives of the imperialist bourgeoisie (finance profiteers, industrialists, cardinals and politicians), emphasize new revelations about the countless scams and the network of speculations that supported, ruled and drove the capitalist economy in the last thirty years. Governments and central banks continue to give billions to financiers and business leaders: they should put end to the paralysis and the decline of economic assets. In fact, they increase more and more the already huge mass of money in the hands of the big speculators, make the financial system even more whirling and opaque, fester the speculative operations and the torments of debts and credits that stifles economic assets, encourage competition and fight between groups and states, fuel conflicts, wars and bases of a new world war. The bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes take measures that drive humanity to struggles more and more widespread, destructive, barbaric and cruel. The financial bourgeoisie and its governments bring all world peoples to clash each other, condemn one part of them to death and the other to the brutalization.

None of patches the bourgeoisie and its cultural and political spokesmen restore will give a new order to the actual imperialist system and will make it again liveable, even if minimally and miserably. Who makes recipes to overcome the crisis rehabilitating the existing system is a cheat or a dreamer. Only sweeping away the current system of social relationships, it is possible put again the humanity on a path of progress.


Many representatives of the ruling classes and persons intellectually dominated by them advance measures to improve the current system and put an end to its crisis. We must ask them why they had not predicted the crisis, why they have not prevented it, if they know so well how the system works and if the crisis are not involved in the system. If they did not see it coming, if they do not know where it comes from, if the crisis was inevitable, why do they claim to know how to stop it today? If a doctor behaved so in the face of a disease or an epidemic, what would we think of him?


Among the politicians and intellectuals who want to keep the capitalist system alive, the most leftist ones argue that the current crisis came because of low wages, expansion of precarious employment and abolition of rules that reined capitalists assets. The greedy riches misappropriated an increasing share of income and the purchasing power of popular masses declined. Since the consumptions of popular masses declined or have not increased enough, the companies can no longer sell what they produce: hence the blocking of economic assets, dismissals, lock-outs, reductions of labour, etc.. Consistently, they state that for ending the current crisis it would be enough that the capitalists and their governments increase wages and pensions, give everybody wages or social benefits, increase the purchasing power of popular masses, redistribute the wealth accumulated in the hands of the riches, transform the precarious contracts in open-ended contracts, increase pensions and assume other similar measures. These politicians, intellectuals and trade unionists seem more realistic of Berlusconi who simply high and low sneers to people who has few hundred of euro to month: "Let’s buy, let’s buy!!".


Do their analysis and proposals stand? In order to get out of the crisis, would it be enough to impose the measures that these “leftist men” propose to capitalists, clergy and other ruling classes? Do the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes lead us to the current situation simply because they blundered analysis and policy?

It is true that the purchasing power of dependent and autonomous workers and of the popular masses overall declined, or that it has not increased as the goods and services produced by companies. It is true that companies do not sell all what they produce, and still less all what they might produce. But what is the cause of this state of affairs? Why do the capitalists and those who govern us bring things so far? How can we get out of it?


Neo-liberalism, privatizations, low wages, displacements, elimination of conquests and reduction of human rights, immigrants’ persecution, precariousness, the financing economy, the spread of speculation, the abolition of every rule and control over speculators, are all effects of the capitalism crisis and attempts to prolong its life despite the crisis. They are not the source of the crisis. The current crisis is not an unexpected unpredictable and mysterious event, that nobody knows where and why it came from. The intellectuals who really wanted to know reality, saw for time this crisis coming. The current crisis is only the terminal phase of a crisis started nearly thirty years ago. The bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes have only prolonged the survival of their system and avoided to arrive earlier to the present situation, with speculations, swindles, displacements, the sacking of former socialist and semi-colonial countries, the pollution of environment and the depredation of the planet, the liberalizations, the privatizations, the deterioration of living and working conditions, the abolition of the conquests, the reduction of rights and other oppressions they imposed to popular masses for the last thirty years.

For about thirty years, the bankers and financiers inflate banks and finance companies with inconsistent bank shares. They are the titles that now banks and finance companies are trying to discard at all cost for not failing.

For about thirty years the owners of the companies developed the financial sector of their holdings faster than they were expanding the production of goods and services. Financial activities have become an important and often determinant part of the activity of every major and medium company. Now the speculative and financial assets collapse and drag the entire company with themselves. All the companies that produce goods or services are linked each other. Every company depend on others for purchases and sales and they all depend on banks for credit. Therefore, the speculative and financial assets drag companies of all sizes in their collapse.

For about thirty years the rightist and leftist bourgeois politicians have backed the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes, working together, eliminate all the laces the communist movement imposed them and that limited their freedom of action.


The money that governments and central banks today give or lend to capitalists should serve to change the inconsistent bank shares in fresh cash and, therefore, to avoid the chain collapse of banks, finance companies and enterprises. But clearly they do not reach the stated effect. Why so?

Why for thirty years have the capitalists expanded financial assets so much?


They did it because of an intrinsic nature of the capitalist mode of production that unfolds when it exceeds a certain level of expansion: the absolute overproduction of capital.

If the capitalists had continued to invest all the capital they were accumulating in their hands in the production of goods and services, according to the economic relations created in the bourgeois society, the mass of profit they would have got, would have diminished instead of developing, and even more the profit that would have realised selling them would have decreased. In bourgeois society, the companies and the other conditions of production (land, knowledge, money, etc..) are property of the capitalists, of the clergy and the other riches. They set them out as they think it is better. The goal of all capitalists is production of profits. It is not the production of goods and services. The second is only a means for the first. When the conditions of society become such that to continue to invest all the capital that they accumulated in their hands in the production of goods and services would have make reduce the produced mass of profit, and even more that realized by sales, the capitalists poured more and more their capitals in speculative and financial assets. In this way for some years, somehow the producing companies of goods and services kept on standing. Otherwise, long since they would have felt a prey to this same crisis. Then, however, the speculative and financial assets inflated until to the current measures, until exploding and disrupting even the productive assets that, until yesterday, the same speculative and financial assets were making still convenient for the capitalists.

So, for some decades, the unlimited growth of speculative and financial assets was the cure that put off the crisis of producing companies of goods and services (the “real economy”). It was a cure for making the capital temporarily surviving the absolute overproduction of capital: a therapeutic obstinacy on a social order anyway doomed to die.

For its nature, the capital must increase indefinitely, but the production of goods and services, which is its material support, can not increase the capital over a certain limit. With the capitalist mode of production, the humanity overcame some problems of its development that former kinds of productive systems (slave, feudal, etc...) could not solve. But capitalism can not grow above a certain measure or resist over a certain time. Capitalism reached the limit of its possibilities. The humanity must move to a system of social relations higher than capitalism: the Communism. This is the teaching that the current crisis gives the world. This is the lesson that we have to implement.


To change the distribution of produced wealth, to increase wages, pensions, subsidies, to provide free public services, to reward work more, to ensure greater safety and hygiene at work, etc... are all basic things that improve the conditions of the popular masses. While the companies, the other production’s conditions and amount wealth of society are in the hands of the capitalists, clergy and the other ruling classes, it is right and essential that the workers and the other classes of the popular masses fight to tear from them and their authorities, higher wages, pensions and incomes and better living and working conditions, so that workers and the rest of the popular masses do not suffer even more the effects of the capitalism crisis. They will succeed as better as more they will be convinced and determined to put an end to capitalism. The struggle to build socialism today is the necessary context to strongly develop the claiming struggle. Not by chance the trade unionists are the more decisive and effective the more they are linked to the communist movement.

Anyway, all the conquests that the popular masses can tear from the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes, this will not put an end to the crisis. The capitalists would widen again the economic assets only if there were created again general conditions that make them sure that their profits will increase. Of course the capitalists must sell goods and services that they make produce to workers, but they do not make produce goods and services for selling them: they produce them for making profits. The capitalists will do not start again the companies and even less they will expand them because the wages, pensions, subsidies and free public services to workers and the rest of the popular masses increase, because working conditions improve, because the jobs become stable. On the contrary, not by chance they relocated the companies in the countries where wages are lower and there are fewer restrictions on the freedom to exploit workers and to pollute the environment.

To put an end to the crisis, we have to put an end to capitalism. We have to begin confiscating the companies and other productive conditions to the capitalists. We have to abolish all the castle of debts and credits of banks and finance companies that stifles the firms. We have to transform the companies, that now are capitalists’ property, in collective property and administrate them as property of the society, to produce goods and services necessary to life and welfare of the people, we have to make them work in the most respectful conditions of the health and dignity of those who work there and safeguarding the environment and the resources of the planet as a precious common heritage.



The unlimited increase in consumptions is absurd from all points of view: from that of quality of life, relationships and individuals’ activities, from moral, intellectual and ecological point of view, from that of the use of natural resources and of human civilization. The unlimited increase in consumptions is the bone that at a certain stage the capitalists thrown to some workers to deter them from class struggle and to corrupt them. Certainly, while the capitalists will rule, the unlimited increase in consumptions will not solve the crisis anyway, because the capitalists’ goal is not the consumption but the profit. The unlimited increase of profit means unlimited accumulation of capital, which is also itself an absurd goal and unattainable in practice.

To put an end to capitalism, to production for profit and to establish the production for gratifying needs, is a new enterprise for humanity. So, it is an enterprise we have to learn. For learning a new thing we do also mistakes, we must try and not all attempts succeed, not all operations succeed at the first time. But it is quite possible for organized workers and popular masses to learn and perform this enterprise. The short experience of the first socialist countries confirmed it. The first step is that organized workers and the popular masses take out the power from the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy, the other ruling classes and the politicians intellectually and morally subject to them, and that they take the direction of the society.


For putting an end to the crisis we have therefore firstly to multiply and strengthen the proletarian and people’s organizations, lead them in a growing number of countries to conquer the power, eliminate the production for profit and reorganize the productive system in order to realise the needs of welfare and civilization of peoples, establish and strengthen collaboration among all countries worldwide: in other words to establish and multiply the socialist countries and establish an adequate system of cooperation between them, in accordance with ideas, aspirations and more advanced feelings that the humanity has developed until today.

Of course sooner or later we will succeed to do it. Men will not accept the tragic fate to which the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes push them. In the near future or with the proletarian revolution the popular masses will prevent war, misery and chaos, or war, misery and chaos will push the popular masses to the proletarian revolution.


Many countries are already moving towards extraordinary political and social changes, which are favoured and imposed by the emergency conditions that the general crisis creates everywhere in the world. The communist movement’s rebirth and the action of strong and advanced communist parties will accelerate them and make them easier, less painful and destructive. The revolt that in Greece for several days shakes the authority is an example of what will happen in other countries. The mobilization of workers, students, women and in general of the popular masses is growing also in our country and confirms that the road which we show is right and possible, that the popular masses are moving on it.


One crucial issue for carrying out a right politics in the next months, is that we Communists accustom ourselves to idea that certainly in the near future there will be extraordinary changes in the political system of our country as in many other countries.

It is hard for everybody to understand and believe that during this crisis there will be a break in the political regime of our country; that will fail the institutional continuity by which a government follows another, respecting the established forms and the authorities who preside there officially (President of Republic, Parliament) and de facto (the Vatican, USA, criminal organizations, Italian Manufacturers’ Association, etc.) and it is formed by long time politicians (the members of the Christian Democratic regime had large room in all governments of the Berlusconi’s gang and for the rest they were representatives of the "civil society", namely approved and devoted men of imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and the other ruling classes or even their employees). It will be hard to believe that it will be formed a political system that will break with the ongoing one which dates back to the end of the Antifascist Resistance, when in our country the current Pontifical Republic was established

We are accustomed to political continuity, we have lost every experience and conception of break. For over 60 years in our country there has been a formal continuity in the political field. In Western Europe, after the Second World War, we had few experiences of breaks of the formal continuity of politic regimes: they were cases where in a country it was imposed a government formed out of the regular procedures, but that was imposed by the need to face an emergency situation. We had a political break in France in autumn 1958 (consequence of the crisis in Algeria). We had more of a discontinuity in Greece, the last in 1974 with the removal of the colonels’ regime. We had a political break in Portugal in 1975 (consequence of the end of colonial empire). We had a political half-break in Spain in 1976 - 1978 driven by the monarchy which Franco restored just in view of that passage that had to occur at his death.

So we have not experience of political breaks. The political breaks that there were in the late ’80s in Eastern Europe and in URSS, in the first socialist countries, belonged to another world. It seems to us so unlikely, we can not imagine that the final phase of second general crisis of capitalism leads and will cause a formal discontinuity in the political system of our country and in general in political regimes of imperialist countries. We think that until 2013 there will be this government (the government of Berlusconi’s gang), unless it resigns and that the Republic’s President dissolves the Chambers and indicts new elections, to which there will be present more or less the same parties that are in field already today and then some of them will form the next government. The whole political propaganda and culture of the regimes exclude the possibility of an emergency government from the number of events we may think real. Instead the break of continuity of the political regime is not only realistic and possible, but it is inevitable. In fact there is no other way to get out from the economical crisis in which we are plunged and that has entered in its final stage.

We Communists we have to accustom ourselves to the idea of a traumatic break of the political system, we have to propagandize it in our ranks and outside (among the advanced workers and the advanced elements of the other classes of popular masses, among the auxiliary and intermediate organizations), we have to get ready to drive the political crisis in the direction and towards the result of the formation of a government of People’s Block, namely towards the formation of a government formed by workers and people’s organizations. Communists have to do this now.


In order to complete the transformation of which this society is pregnant and of which the terminal phase of the crisis requires the beginning, it is necessary to establish socialism. But we Communists (in Italy, but the thing is true for all the imperialist countries) are not yet strong enough, our connection with the working class and its own political development, in short the communist movement’s rebirth, are not yet enough onward. So it is not realistic the proposal that the communist movement takes the power directly, namely to shortly establish the political leadership of organized workers, the Socialism.

Neither the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes will resort immediately, directly to civil war to maintain their power and privileges. To resort to civil war, it would need that they had to face a communist movement stronger and decided to seize the power. The imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and other ruling classes, in order to not yield to it, would not then hesitate to take the path of civil war, unless they think game already appeared them certainly lost.

But also if the communist movement is still in a too much backward stage because it could be realistic to put as immediate political solution that it seizes the power and establishes socialism, the general crisis of capitalism, however, entered in its final stage, namely in the stage where are required extraordinary emergency measures. None of the governments normally established could take up and implement them. Indeed they seriously affect important and opposing interests of large bourgeois groups, clergy and other groups of the ruling classes. Each of them has its representatives in the present political world that is formed from rot of the Democratic Christian system. The chain of scandals involving politicians of bourgeois right and left wings shows enough their common nature and the network that links their opposed interests. It is therefore inevitable, essential, a traumatic solution, a break of continuity in the politic system, a strong solution, although probably it will not require an armed struggle at least on a large scale. There will be a formal break of the political system, but somehow the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes will provisionally recognize their inability to cope with the situation immediately and will lead the game at a later date.

Today we do not know how it will come in the details. To be able to say it, there would need a greater knowledge of the political and social Italian world, its possible developments and its influences from abroad. It is a knowledge that only a communist movement more developed than ours can achieve. Instead, we can and we have to understand already now what formal break of the politic system we Communists have to promote starting from our current forces.


We have to encourage the formation of a government of workers and people’s organizations, a government of People’s Block. It is the form of approach to the socialist revolution more in line with current circumstances. We shall not arrive to the establishment of socialism unless we put in action the great masses, if we not lead them to become leaders of the political struggle. Our action (corresponding to our current forces, which starts from our current forces, which must comprise operations appropriate to our current forces) serves firstly to this, in order to create the three conditions for the establishment of a government of People’s Block.

Indeed, for establishing the government of People’s Block, we Communists must and can promote three conditions.

1. To propagandize the objective of the government of People’s Block and explain what is and his duties, until that its constitution become the conscious synthesis of the aspirations of the workers and people’s organizations and the means to achieve them.

2. To promote, in every way and at every level, the multiplication and the political and organizational strengthening of the workers and people’s organizations.

3. To promote, in every way and at every level, the coordination of the workers and people’s organizations: in this way they will form the new government, which seems to them, to the popular masses and even to a part of the bourgeois the only travelable way, the only way of salvation, a necessary pass in the emergency of crisis (passage towards the establishment of socialism, according to us Communists; extraordinary and temporary measure towards the restoration of conditions of a "healthy capitalism" according to the leftist bourgeoisie).

The establishment of the government of People’s Block will be completed on the basis of these three conditions. It meets the immediate masses’ needs and simultaneously leads the masses to make political experience which they need of to arrive to the socialist revolution. It will be on a large scale the intellectual, moral and practical school of communism that the popular masses need to make and it will open the way for the establishment of socialism.


Indeed, the new government has the task of implementing the five necessary (essential) emergency measures to immediately cope the crisis:

1. To assign to each company productive tasks convenient and suitable for its nature under a plan (no company has to be closed);

2. To distribute the products to the families and individuals, companies and collective uses according to clear plans and standards, universally known and democratically decided;

3. To give everyone a socially useful work and in return to guarantee him the necessary conditions for a dignified life and the participation in the management of the society (no worker has to be fired);

4. To undertake the reorganization of other social relations according to the new production base;

5. To establish relations of cooperation or exchange with other countries disposed to establish them with us.

Is it not that what "everyone" calls and wants (more or less clearly)? Who opposes these five measures? Yet no "normal" government formed by the imperialist Italian bourgeoisie and by the Vatican is able to implement them.


The workers and people’s organizations will be the sector and local agencies (in every place and in every division) of the new government. This in turn will be their organization of coordination and centralization, and it will draw from them inspiration (what to do) and power (authority).

The power and authority of such emergency government will be founded on the fact that:

- it is the expression and spokesman of the workers and people’s organizations spread throughout in the country,

- it has the support of workers and people’s organizations,

- the workers and people’s organizations are the agents of the new government present throughout on the territory and in every sector, relation and function of society.


The mass organizations will multiply in coming months: workers, unemployed, layoffs, immigrants, retirees, housewives, students, etc. will organize to claim measures by the authorities, occupy enterprises in order to prevent the dismantling, to organize this or that service, to affront "natural disasters" caused by the carelessness of the Pontifical Republic and by the chaos of the bourgeois system, to make shopping, and so on. We Communists we have to promote this, and on this we have to lever. Many advanced workers, trade unionists, more or less leftist politicians intellectuals who until today have only performed accusations, orphans of the parties of the bourgeois left wing or still confident in their revival, will join the movement that through a more or less long series of mass struggles on a large scale will result in the formation of such an emergency government.


We consider the views expressed already today by the more talkative and active representatives of the left of regime’s trade unions and by the leaders of the base’s trade unions. We take as examples Giorgio Cremaschi, Piero Bernocchi or other talkative and active personages like these, who are able to “stay in squares”. What we see in each of these personages, is equal to thousands of others. They do not even say the right things, but their speeches and their proposals are indicative of moods and states of mind which the masses already came to, are coming to or of which at the moment are still satisfied.

These characters are not content of what the current government is doing. But for now their goal is still not to rule the country. They do not either dare to think so. In a certain measure, they are even already frightened of the responsibility that the mass that follows them gives them, of the social force of their words. They have the mentality and limitations of the forces of chronic opposition, used to criticize, to question, to ask. But they do not dare to look beyond, to dream beyond, to go beyond this auxiliary role. They would want only guide who governs the country, press on who governs the country, to be head of a force of pressure on the government. They dream of having a friend government, of which yet, after the experience of Prodi’s government, neither they see signals.

But their pressures and their recommendations have no practical effect. Who governs the country (the bourgeois right wing and the Vatican) does not know, can not and does not want to do much more than that it is already doing. Even the popular masses realize that in the current social system "if a company does not sell, it is inevitable that it closes". At most subsidies, social wages, layoffs, etc. may be given to whom remains without work. But this can not go on indefinitely, nor can cover an unlimited number of people. The fatalism and resignation still contend the place to indignation, exasperation and the decision to “bump it off”. They do not even know if it is possible to “bump it off”, because the organized political forces, which say and explain that it is possible and how to do it, have still few capacity to be heard, have few authority, are in fact weak (and this is a problem due to the their conception of the world or to their ability to translate it into practice). So these characters, as the popular masses do, fluctuate between requests to the authorities and proposals of measures that the authorities can not and neither want take into account, although the measures proposed are reasonable: what is more reasonable than to assign convenient tasks to the companies that no longer sell with profit their usual products, however useful or anyway necessary? What is more reasonable than to cut the noose that banks tighten around to the neck of the companies?


It is still today characteristic of the bourgeois left not to propose measures (reforms), but to oppose the reforms (counter - reforms) of the right, and to do the same that the right does, when it arrives at the government (we have seen this with the Prodi’s government). With the government of People’s Block, we Communists indicate what we have to do, what the masses need and what they have to do: the problem to be heard and understood must be solved by us Communists. Sooner or later, also those personages and thousands of advanced workers, less influential and less followed, but much more numerous and practical, will get to share the idea of the government of People’s Block. There are already a thousand symptoms of it. Who of them will not get it, will not be able to “stand on the square” anymore.


The establishment of the government of People’s Block will bring nearer the socialist revolution.

Certainly, for their nature and history, the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie and the Vatican will not have the necessary intelligence, discernment and elasticity for conceding so much to maintain power in the emergency situation which it is about to occur. They are too much divided among themselves. In one way or another, sooner or later, they will oppose the government of People’s Block. They will try to sabotage its work. We Communists will unmask their action and lead the big masses in practice to tear up from the bourgeoisie one position after another. Maybe so, sooner or later, we will come to a frontal and decisive crash: our task and duty will be to get there anyway able to win it. The more our victory will be safer, the more overwhelming the superiority of our forces will be, the more chances we shall have to avoid it. But for avoiding it, there is no other way that to be sure to win it. Who believes to avoid it thinking that the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes will demise without opposing resistance, has not to fool himself: he would push the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the other ruling classes to not spare any shame and cruelty against us. Our strength is the only security!


The second of the three conditions that we have to create to establish a government of People’s Block, tells "to multiply and strengthen (politically and organisationally) workers and people’s organizations at every level ". It is simultaneously a work in extension (quantity) and a work in depth (quality). The one can not grow beyond a certain limit without the evolution of the other. Hence the unavoidable requirement to accompany the propaganda of the government of People’s Block with the development of the model organizations on the four fronts of our General Work Plan and the consolidation and strengthening of (n)PCI.

So recruiting, training and mobilization in tactical operations (framed in battles and campaigns) are and must be our current activities, conducted with increasing expertise, learning from practice, improving our ability to understand and make with the Criticism-Self-criticism-Transformation.


Let all those who are already convinced that this is the way out from the crisis of capitalism, unite, organize themselves and propagandize it, firstly among the advanced workers and advanced elements of the other classes of the popular masses!


A government of People’s Block formed and supported by workers and people’s organizations throughout in the territory has to rule the country!


Let’s fight for a government of People’s Block:

- to impose to imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and other ruling classes more jobs, wage, pensions, rights, less precariousness, better living and working conditions, more safety and hygiene on work, more respect towards women, children and immigrants;

- to stop being at the mercy of speculators who make prices go up and down as they please, to cut interests and seizures out;

- to put an end to the crisis!


The big companies must not belong to masters anymore! The big companies must belong to workers and to their new state!

The new state have to give to the small firms work orders for producing what is necessary and to make deliver them all the supplies that they need!

The companies must not produce profits anymore! They have to produce goods and services for workers! The whole society must be reorganized in accordance with this new base!


The situation is favourable, the confusion is great. Only the New Power of the working class will put an end to the current decay!


Comrades, workers, proletarians, women, youth and immigrants: join the (new)Italian Communist Party!


Join and make join your working and struggling fellows the campaign for propagandizing socialism, the study and the debate on the Manifesto-Program of (n)PCI!


Join the campaign of organization of the Party, form a Party Committee clandestinely in every company, in every area and in every mass organization!